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Smartholder – Bluetooth speaker and powerbank

Hands-free device with great Bluetooth sound and integrated powerbank that expands the use og your phone in all kinds of situations.

Everything you need at home or while traveling.
  • Powerbank 6000 mAh
  • Bluetooth speaker 6W
  • Compatible holder for all mobilephones
  • USB multicable with micro USB, USB C and lightning adapter.

No more cable clutter.

The Smartholder is really easy to use. You don't need to take off the case or wallet from your phone: Simply mount your phone either vertically or horizontally, using the suction pad on the Smartholder, and watch your favorite movie or have a video conference, all while having your hands free.  

The Smartholder is an excellent travel companion for your smartphone. Use it on the plane or trains tray table, or right on your lap while traveling. It also has a smart pocket to hold your passport or tickets.  

You never need to fear your phone running out of power with the integrated 6000mAh power bank. You can fully charge your phone 2,5 times. And it also includes the multi-cable - the only cable you need! 
The multi-cable is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. When your power bank needs charging, the multi-cable charges the Smartholder it self as well.

The integrated speaker operates trough Bluetooth. The 6w speaker gives you beautiful sound when watching a movie in your hotel room, or while listening to music on your camping trip. 

Enjoy your new Smartholder, with your hands free - wherever you are, and whatever you do!